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Commitment to Community: Brad Friedel

One of our favorite US soccer players- and one of the US players with the most distinguished international careers- is veteran goalkeeper Brad Friedel.

Friedel, from Bay Village, Ohio (a western suburb of Cleveland), is the longtime Blackburn Rovers goalie who also has Liverpool and Columbus Crew on his resume. In a cool symmetry he now tends the net for Aston Villa, which is owned by Randy Lerner- who also owns the Cleveland Browns.

Admirably committed to his home area, and to youth soccer in the US, this year Friedel opened the Premier Soccer Academies (PSA) in a brand new complex in Lorain, Ohio. In the model of famed facilities in Bradenton (FL) and all over Europe, PSA is a residential soccer academy that this year ushered in its first class of American students and 10 international students from Chile, Africa, Venezuela and other nations.

In August, PSA also completed its first international youth tournament, which featured teams from the US and four other nations. A Blackburn Rovers youth squad played in the finals in a fitting finish to the first event at Friedel's facility- an incredible symbol of dedication to the game and to one's hometown.

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