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Two Important Organizations- One Big Idea

The soccer world, with such global participation and such socioeconomic differences in its people, is the perfect place to make a serious social impact. Two existing organizations are favorites of ours in terms of their mission and reach.

The first is Passback. This long-established joint effort between US Soccer, MLS and Eurosport has a simple and admirable goal: collect used (but still usable) soccer gear and redistribute it to kids who need it- be they in NYC or Zimbabwe, according to the site. If you're an American soccer person you may have a duffle bag full of old gear...Give!

Right To Play is a Toronto-based organization that uses Playing Soccer to teach children on basic yet critical issues - from educational development to hygiene and health to community building. It capitalizes on the unifying power of the sport and a simple idea: bring kids together with soccer, and take advantage of that time together to make them informed advocates on these issues.

adidas recently jumped into the fray with a "Buy the Ball, Join the Movement" promotion. Their participation is very similar to the first movement that we are planning here at FCEarth, but that's okay- there's plenty of need, and plenty of room to harvest the social power of the sport.

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