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Who's Your Nation?

Here's a fascinating story by Nick Green of the Daily Breeze here in Southern Cal, about the development of US born international players who have yet to make an impact on the U.S. Men's National time. Green notes that for the first time in significant international play, the US senior men will suit up two Mexican-Americans who play professionally in Mexico - Jose Francisco Torres and Michael Orozco- when we play Trinidad & Tobago this week.

The demographics in the U.S. are shifting and we notice it in every sport. Great Latin-American baseball players have a real opportunity in the U.S. in baseball; Tiger Woods is a historically unconventional "Best Golfer in the World," and Europe is extremely present in the NBA.

Given that it is already the most international game, why shouldn't soccer in the U.S. lead the way in diversity (and by diversity we mean making sure the best Americans of any ethnicity end up in our national soccer pool)? It sounds like Coach Bob Bradley is on board, and this will be a fun development to watch as we continue to qualify for South Africa 2010.

If you were born in American but had international roots, and another country invited you into their national program, would you secretly be hoping the US would keep you here? I'm sure it depends (are you Brazilian or Estonian?), but an interesting question nonetheless.

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