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Others Who Get It: FCEarth & The Culture of Soccer

We'll have much, much more to say on why we're FCEarth, and what we mean by "The Culture of Soccer." In a nutshell, we believe soccer - the world's most played and watched sport - has its own unique culture, on the field and off, representative of the diverse people who love it. And we believe that soccer is an incredible opportunity to learn about the world through sport.

In giving credit where it's due, we are obviously not the first to recognize this about soccer. David Keyes is another like-minded person, and his blog, Culture of Soccer, explores the intersection of soccer, the people who play it, and history, sociology, and all other aspects of humanity. My fellow Ohioan Keyes hasn't posted since May- come on back, David!

And even closer to our brand is the post "Cleggy's Blog" about Earth FC - a dream team that this mysterious blogger (no "About Us" available) identified to represent mother Earth in a fictional Intergalactic Cup. What I love about his roster is that its not just the most obvious, most popular players in the world (with the notable exception of Beckham off the bench.) I'd probably still make room for the recently retired Zidane on my squad, but I love where he's going with it.

Who would be on your "Earth FC?"

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