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Women's League Reborn

Last month Jack Bell of the New York Times reported on the Women's Professional Soccer league and its upcoming Spring 2009 kickoff. For obvious reasons let's sincerely hope this league picks up where the former WUSA left off and then some. They seem to have a stronger formula this time, stocking teams with local stars (Heather O'Reilly in New Jersey) and emphasizing cost control- something that was apparently lacking in the WUSA iteration.

With MLS well beyond a decade into existence and gradually easing up on its tightly-held league-centric ownership structure, we know that a model for pro soccer can thrive in this country. Not being a sports marketer, I'm guessing it has to do with the right mix of partners/sponsors and grass-roots appeal. As dominant as our Women's US Soccer is on the global stage, the on-field display should be quality. Unlike in the men's game, the women's league doesn't start life with an immediate inferiority complex towards Europe.

So often in sports we see leagues pursue big money customers who aren't really fans. That's not sustainable. Let's hope Women's Professional Soccer budgets itself enough time to build a fan base in American families and young student athletes to be thriving ten years from now.

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